About Our Labels

About Our Labels

Our labels are waterproof but are not designed to be submerged in water unless the labels wrap around the tube and layer on the ends. Our labels are not meant for darker or high pigmented lip glosses. We recommend choosing darker colors for your labels to ensure they show on the lip gloss tubes.

✑ Our clear gloss labels are made of completely transparent polyester material with permanent adhesive. The polyester material gives your labels that photo-quality, clear gloss finish. Please make sure your product is completely clean and dry before applying the label to ensure a clean and permanent finish.

Labels and stickers should be placed on a dry and clean surface and handled with care for the best results.

⊗At this time, we cannot print white, neon, glitter or metallic. We do not make foil or holographic labels but we can make labels with an ombre rainbow affect. 

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