Domain Marketing: Beginner's Domain Flipping Blueprint

Domain Marketing: Beginner's Domain Flipping Blueprint

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Welcome to Domain Marketing: Beginner's Domain Flipping Blueprint!

As a member you have full access to this crash course on profiting from flipping digital real estate.

The Domain Marketing: Beginner's Domain Flipping Blueprint course consists of 3 modules:

  • Domain Flipping 101 - In this module you'll learn why domain flipping can be extremely lucrative. We'll lay out a blueprint to help you get started as well as visit popular domain buying websites to see what categories and markets are most profitable. We'll also analyze profitable domain names to help you pick the right virtual real estate to buy from the start. Picking the right domain name is one of the most important steps to successfully flipping your domain.
  • Analyze The Competition - In this module you'll learn how to find successful domain flippers using a powerful reverse engineering software. Then we'll show you how to mimic their best practices and monitor their business to give you the leg up on your competition. Duplicating what successful people are already doing will take months off your learning curve and is the quickest way to see profit from flipping domains.
  • Auction Your Domain - In this module you'll learn the proper techniques when it comes to selling your domains on eBay. You'll learn the secrets to creating a compelling listings to attract bidders. You'll also learn ninja price setting strategies to help you stand out to bidders and get the most bids for your domains.

We've only included what we think are the most important factors in profiting from flipping domains.

We hope you get a lot of value from this course and as always we'd love to hear your feedback!

Domain Marketing: Beginner's Domain Flipping Blueprint

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